If you would like to appeal this rejection, you must do so within 14 calendar days. Otherwise, your Apple Developer Program account and all apps associated with your account will be removed.

Your Apple Developer Program account has been flagged for removal, because your app is in direct violation of the Apple Developer Program License Agreement.

Specifically, your app violates Section 3.2(f) of the PLA, which states:

"You will not, directly or indirectly, commit any act intended to interfere with the Apple Software or related services, the intent of this Agreement, or Apple's business practices including, but not limited to, taking actions that may hinder the performance or intended use of the App Store, VPP/B2B Program Site, or the Program (e.g., submitting fraudulent reviews of Your own Application or any third party application, choosing a name for Your Application that is substantially similar to the name of a third party application in order to create consumer confusion, or squatting on application names to prevent legitimate third party use)."

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App Store Review